What is Parents Balancing Joys?

Parents Balancing Joys is a safe place for parents with little to no support system to connect with other parents with similar needs and interest. Our main focus is to help parents connect for babysitting share groups, carpool, and to create meaningful family friendships. We cater to parents of school-aged children (1st graders and up) and offer regular meet and greets so members can get to know each other.

What is a Babysitting Share Group?

A babysitting share group is when families share babysitting time WITHOUT the exchange of money. Simply put, you watch my child and in return, I watch yours. It is so easy!

Part of what Parents Balancing Joys offers is a unique childcare membership website enabling parents to exchange

sitter time with another family with a common bond, such as their children's school, as opposed to parents paying per

hour (anywhere from $10-25/hour) for babysitting services.

No more outrageous sitter costs and unreliable childcare.

How do you ensure the safety of my child(ren)?

All members must complete a required background check (conducted by Intellicorp) before being approved for membership.  

I do want to point out, that although all members will have been screened, it is essential for each family to conduct

their own background checks, screening, and vetting before interacting with any members.

Parents Balancing Joys strongly encourages its members to meet in person before scheduling babysitting time. 

Parents Balancing Joys does not assume any liability or responsibility with the connections that are made via its


What is the cost?

Every member must pay the registration fee. This fee covers the cost of your background check. After that, the monthly membership fee is $19.99, which is less than paying for one hour of babysitting time in Houston for most areas. When becoming a member, you know that all other members you communicate with have passed a background check.

There are select meetups that non-members can attend for free to check out what Parents Balancing Joys has to offer.

Is there a rewards program?

Absolutely! We know that you are taking your time to help another parent and for that we want to REWARD you. The more you are able to help, the more reward points you receive.

I have ideas on how to improve Parents Balancing Joys, what should I do?

Tell us, of course! You'll notice that we make improvements to our service regularly.  We'd love to hear from you.  Please go to our Contact Page to provide any positive or constructive feedback.

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Are you interested in building a village to support you through the ups and downs of parenting? Join PBJ to find the community you've been looking for to help simplify and balance your life. From babysitting exchanges to new friendships, you're sure to love everything this organization offers.

Our Focus

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