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You've probably heard the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," but until you have your own kids, you can’t really feel the depth of the statement. Building your village — a supportive community that meets you where you are and shares similar values — is key to creating an environment where you and your child can thrive. Parents Balancing Joys (PBJ) is such a community. We bring parents together so they can find trusted individuals who help them with balancing parenting and life, making the journey a joy, not a job.

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Finding a community that supports you in your parenting efforts can make life easier, more enjoyable, and well-balanced. This is true not just for yourself but also for your child or children. Whether you're a busy single parent juggling work, preparing meals, and time to yourself, or you're co-parenting and just need some time off to relax once in a while, Parents Balancing Joys (PBJ) can help bring the balance you crave in your life through meaningful connections with other parents in the Houston area. 

By signing up, you'll gain access to our community of parents who are also interested in sharing parenting tasks, such as carpooling and babysitting and creating a support system to help relieve stress and make parenting a little easier. Each of our members has gone through a background check, so you can feel safe relying on them for support when you need it. 

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Create the village that's missing in your life and rediscover the joys of parenting.

Join us and learn what PBJ is all about.

Our Story

PBJ is a new community-building platform that helps parents find one another. We encourage parents to come together and share tasks, such as carpooling & babysitting, and develop mom-friends, dad-friends, & family relationships to help bring joy, balance, & fun back to parenting. Just like there are many ways to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there are many ways to be a parent. PBJ aims to bring enrichment to the lives of Houston-area parents by creating a community where everyone can experience growth alongside others who have an understanding of the challenges parents face every day.

Camille Buffalo, a paralegal by trade, founded PBJ because of her personal experience as a single mother. She had to navigate parenting her son on her own, all without much support of or access to a village. Camille created PBJ to assist other parents who lack a support circle and need help with finding affordable and reliable babysitting. Most importantly, PBJ was created to help achieve that delicate balance between parenting and being human. After all, parents are humans, not robots!

Taking the time to ensure that you balance parenting with having a life of your own is important. Use PBJ to find your village so you can form meaningful relationships with other Houston-area residents looking for the same connections you are. This is a cooperative group for parents who don't just need help with babysitting but are also willing to help others as well.  Parents will form friendships and find commonality with others in the city.

Raising a child often means being there for baseball games, recitals, doctor's visits, homework, meals, and skinned knees and scraped elbows. Taking on all of these responsibilities can become overwhelming. This is especially true for parents who also have full-time jobs. Finding a trusted resource, like another parent who's going through the same things you are, helps make parenting a happier, more joyful experience.

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PBJ is a safe place where parents can find other parents they can rely on for assistance with daily parenting tasks and lend a listening ear that understands what they're going through. If you need a babysitter so you can catch a concert with a friend on Friday night, or you want to form a play date group that gives you and your child a chance to socialize, sign up for the benefits of PBJ.

Helping Parents Find Balance in their Sticky Lives

Through your PBJ membership, you'll enjoy peace of mind when building your village. We take the time to thoroughly vet all our members with a background check. This means that no matter who you bring into your village, you can trust that they have you and your child's best interests in mind. 

Our platform also makes it easy to connect with other parents in your neighborhood or whose child attends the same school as your child.

Leaving your child with a stranger can cause a lot of anxiety, but members of PBJ aren't strangers. We only accept parents who want the same thing you do: a healthy, happy child. This means you can contact other members with peace of mind, knowing they're resources you can trust. 

Taking on the challenges of parenting on your own, while possible, isn't easy. It takes away from your being able to be yourself without the stresses that come with parenting. Children and their parents have many needs, and being able to rely on a community to help meet all of those needs helps you bring balance to your sticky life.

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Are you interested in building a village to support you through the ups and downs of parenting? Join PBJ to find the community you've been looking for to help simplify and balance your life. From babysitting exchanges to new friendships, you're sure to love everything this organization offers.

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